We Shoplegal provide service of resolution of Insolvency and Bankrupt stage. Insolvency and Bankrupt code helps in resolving the insolvency in time bound manner. If there occurs a failure in repayment of loans, creditors can take control over debtor assets and can take decisions to resolve insolvency state. Under Insolvency and Bankrupt code both the debtor and creditors can initiate proceeding against both.

The main difference between Insolvency and Bankruptcy. Insolvency is a monetary condition – one that is arrived at when you can't meet your obligations on schedule. On the other part, then Bankruptcy is a legitimate procedure that effectively resolves the issue of Insolvency.

The Indian financial related administrations area is working in a quick advancing and dynamic administrative and expense scene with a consistently developing interest for straightforwardness and productivity. This makes it critical for the business players or the new participants to comprehend the assessment and administrative structure which could affect their business objectives.

Start off of the process:

When a default in repayment of due occurs, the process of resolution can be initiated either by the debtor or creditor. The insolvency professional appointed for this matter will administrate this process. The insolvency professional shares financial information related to the debtor from the information value to the creditor and manages the asset and liability of the debtor. This process will for a period of 180 days and any legal proceedings or action against the debtor is completely prohibited during this period of 180 days.

Findings to resolve the insolvency:

Insolvency professional will be forming a committee consisting of the financial creditors who has given loan or money to the debtor. The committee of creditor will take decision in respect of the future of the outstanding debt liable to them. The creditors may choose to revive the debt owed to them by changing the repayment process or sell the assets of the debtor for the purpose of repaying the debts owed to them. If a decision for the same is not taken in 180 days, the asset of the debtor will go into liquidation.

Final stage -Liquidation:

Insolvency professional will administrate the liquidation process If the debtor moves to liquidation The value derived or received out of sale of the debtor’s assets will be distributed in the following order :

First payment will be to Cost incurred for Insolvency resolution, which includes the remuneration payable to the insolvency professional

Secured creditors, whose loans are obtained by collateral security, dues to the employees and workers

Loan obtained from the unsecured creditors

Dues payable to government departments

Dues payable to the preferential shareholders

Finally dues payable on the capital invested by the equity shareholders.