We Shoplegal a team has experts who do scrutiny of documents and provide compliance services in a zero error basis and also provides regular professional assistance to the Corporates. Shoplegal also provide information to the clients on regular basis on the compliances due dates, We also helps in providing advices relating to maintenance of registers and records in compliance with the Companies Act.

We Shoplegal provides advisory services related to all matters of Companies Act and its related statues including compaliances to be maintained by Shareholders, Board of Directors.

We provide the following tax and legal services

  • Consultancy services related to syndication of Loan and creation of charge with Registrar of Companies and providing complete search report on the documents filed with the Registrar of Companies.
  • Consultancy services related to Shifting of register office, Change of directors, Transfer of shares, Increase in authorized capital, Allotment of shares etc.
  • Obtaining certified copies of the documents filed with Registrar of Companies for Legal proceedings.
  • Providing Consultancy services related to conversion of existing firms, LLPs into Private limited, Private limited into public limited and vice versa according to the requirements of the clients.
  • Providing consultancy related to Private placement of shares, Further issue of shares, Employee stock option, External Commercial Borrowings (ECB), IPO, FPO etc
  • Consultancy services related to SEBI matters and IPO
  • Providing advisory services related to Corporate Social Responsibility and the manner of complying with the provisions in relation with it.
  • Advisory services related to Buy back of Shares.
  • Due Diligence reports.
  • Business Valuation
  • Shoplegal provide consultancy services on retainer ship model. Our professionals will visit client’s office for specific days in a month to give advice and initiatives based on the scope of work agreed.
  • XBRL preparation and filings.
  • Board evaluation and Training.
  • Conducting Secretarial audits and Corporate Governance Certification,
  • Experts advice on primary and Secondary Markets
  • Appearance before Company Law Tribunal
  • Preparation, Execution and Registration of all types of Legal documents