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Shoplegal provides Barcode registration in India. Barcodes mainly reduces the time in tracking the products; Barcode registration reduces the difficulties of manufacturers, Ecommerce sellers, retailers and trades. Barcodes are readable by machines it’s a symbol in the form of numbers and vertical lines provide unique identity to product across the Globe. Shoplegal provides the barcodes registration in India in line with the International Standards. It varies according to the industry such as Retail, Healthcare, Transport & Logistics, Food service, Technical Industries etc.

EAN-13 Barcodes

EAN is one type of barcode in numeric used for Barcode registration in India as well as across the Globe, The expansion of the word EAN (European Article Number) and details of the products can be provide in the barcodes which is easy to identify the items for sale.The length of the EAN barcodes is 13 digits for manufacturers in India, in which the last digit represents a check digit.

UPC Barcodes

A UPC barcode contain 12 digits which designates how the code should be classified. It’s in numerals type and used for coding of products. Majorly, if an Indian manufacturer needs to market his product in other countries like the Mexico, Canada, USA, then they have to use UPC barcodes.

Shoplegal provides identity to the products. Shop legal provide Registration of barcodes in india to the manufacturers, Ecommerce business, Retailers for products to be sale. Regardless of if your business is restricted to India or worldwide, we give the best administrations to our customers.

One-dimensional (1D) barcodes

The One dimensional barcodes are used specifically in distribution of goods and logistics services. Flexible 1D barcodes used to provide ID keys and allocated in a distribution environment.

Two-dimensional (2D) barcodes

The 2D barcodes are high quality barcodes having 2D symbols adopted for representing all types of GS1 keys and futures

Databar family barcodes

DataBar barcodes are used for Fresh food products. These barcodes maintain particulars like item, batch number etc Apart from to other attributes used.

Advantages of Barcode

  • Barcodes reduces the human error. The event of mistakes for physically entered data is fundamentally higher than that of barcodes. A standardized identification examine is quick and solid, and takes interminably less time than entering information by hand.
  • Utilizing a barcode framework decreases working time. It takes just minutes to ace the hand-held scanner for perusing standardized identifications. Moreover, workers don't need to pick up recognition with a whole stock or evaluating method. This additionally makes representative preparing more affordable, since they don't need to be paid for additional preparation time, and another worker doesn't need to be made up for preparing them.
  • Barcode are less expensive to structure and print. For the most part they cost less amount, paying little mind to their motivation, or where they will be fastened. They can be redone monetarily, in an assortment of completions and materials.
  • Barcodes are very flexible. They can be utilized for any sort of essential information assortment. This could incorporate evaluating or to store data. Moreover, in light of the fact that barcodes can be joined to pretty much any surface, they can be utilized to follow the items themselves, yet additionally cordial shipments and even hardware.
  • Barcode improves the control of Inventory. barcodes make it very easy to track stock so easily, Level of stocks can be reduced. This in turn reduces the overhead expenses. The location of product can also be easily tracked, reduces the time spent searching for items.

FAQ on Barcode Registration

  • What is the use of Barcode?
    Barcodes are provided to the products for their easy identity, Barcodes are mainly used in retail shops, super markets for the purpose of easy identity of products and used in godwons and warehouses to track the identity of the stocks and when barcodes are scanned can able to fetch details for invoicing which helps in accounting purposes and many other uses.
  • How the barcodes work?
    A barcode is a way to encrypt data or information in visible pattern that can be read using machine scan. Barcode is a combination of black and white lines that constitute different characters which comply with a set algorithm for the type of barcode.
  • What are the information’s encoded in Barcode?
    Barcode contains details like Name of the manufacturer, Address of the manufacturer Price of product, Quantity/Weight of the product, Date of expiry and Date of Manufacturing etc, Barcodes are mostly allocated by international organizations set up for the purpose of product identity. Each product has unique code for their identity.
  • What a barcode Scanner/Reader do?
    A barcode scanner/reader is a type of scanner which is optical - The barcode scanners identity or reads the information provided or decodes the date contained in the barcode and share the information which will be visible in the computer.
  • Can a barcode be copied?
    A copy of barcode can easily made by using modern coping machines. Even though we can prevent a barcode from getting copied by using a special laminate over this allows only infra red light to pass through it. This barcodes can be scanned using infra red scanner.
  • What is UPC barcode?
    UPC barcodes (Universal Product Code) are 12 digits. The Universal Product codes number is referred to as Global Trade Item Numbe it is bifurcated into two: Prefix of company and the number will be assigned to the unique product as code.
  • What is EAN barcode?
    EAN barcodes (European Article Number) are 13 digits, in this 13 digits the first 12 digits of the number identify the product code and one is check digit in the right side of the bar and it is bifurcated into two of 6 digits each.
  • What I have to do once I receive my barcode?
    We will give barcode number along with images in mail, You can simply affix the barcode to the product packaging or can print them on labels. The barcodes can be resized as per your requirement before getting it printed, but the dimensions of barcode should not be changed. Once a retail shop get the product along with the barcode, For the first time, they have to scan the barcode in the product through their system and enter all the information about the product subsequently when they scan the barcode the details about the product will appear automatically.
  • Do barcode works in every retail stores?
    Barcodes are accepted in mostly all shops around the globe, there may be few exceptions. Apart from those stores, we never come across difficulty with other stores. We can provide guarantee cum acknowledgement letter the that barcodes are provided uniquely to you and will be accepted in most of the stores. If you are planning to export your product overseas, there are a few retailers that won’t accept our barcodes because they have a specific requirement that you must be a member of GS1 (these stores are Kroger’s and Wal-Mart in the USA, Woolworths in Australia, and Super Retail Group in Australia and New Zealand).
  • Do you give assurance that all shops will accept your barcodes?
    No We cannot give that guarantee since the retailer have their own option to adopt any barcode which satisfy their requirements, But we can assure that any store which opt to use the barcode as it provided by us can use it without any issue.
  • Is the barcodes issued by you suitable for all products?
    Yes, our barcodes can be used for all type of retail products except Books and Magazines. All products other than this two use EAN-13 or UPC-A Barcodes.
  • How Big Should a EAN-13 Barcode Be?
    The official standard size of an EAN-13 barcode is 37.3×25.9 mm. It is always a good idea to do a test scan of your barcode before sending it to stores.

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