A company's capital, whether through loans or its own funds, is crucial for its growth. In India, securing funds from banks is a common route as they have robust systems for evaluating and disbursing funds. Compared to Private Equity Funds and Venture Capital funds, banks tend to invest more in Indian businesses. Hence, it's vital for Entrepreneurs to explore available financial options wisely.

At Shoplegal, our seasoned professionals offer guidance and liaison with banks for obtaining loans in India. We have supported businesses across various domains in loan syndication. Shoplegal assists business owners in securing loans tailored to their specific needs, offering diverse avenues for loan procurement.

Types of Loans

Businesses often need funds for buying, selling goods, and managing inventory. For short-term needs like these, Working Capital facilities are available. For longer-term financial requirements, businesses can access Term Loans—both Long Term and Short Term loans. Other options include facilities like LC (Letter of Credits), BG (Bank Guarantee), loans secured against collateral, and even loans secured by pledging company shares. These varied loan options cater to different business needs.

What shoplegal do?

Shoplegal's experts comprehend business needs and offer guidance on capital syndication through loans. They assist in document preparation, projecting future income and expenses, estimating profits, and submitting these documents to banks or financial institutions. They also provide necessary information to bankers throughout the loan processing, right up to the loan sanction and issuance phase.