Capital of a company may be in any form either as loan fund or Own fund that is one of the basic requirements for developing a business. It is simple for most organizations in India to raise capital from Banks as banks have a solid component for assessing and dispensing reserves. Further, banks contribute more cash-flow to organizations in India more than Private Equity Funds and Venture Capital funds, in this manner it is significant for all Entrepreneurs to think about the financials accessible and benefit them appropriately.

We shoplegal has very experienced professionals who guide and consults with banks in obtaining loans in India and we have helped business entities in all the areas in syndication of loan. Shoplegal can help business owners in obtaining loans in many ways based on their requirements.

Types of Loans

Loans required for purchase and sales on goods and maintaining stocks can avail Working Capital facilities, If the funds required on long term basis than can avail loans as Term Loans say Long Term and short terms Loans, LC facilities (Letter of Credits), BG (Bank Guarantee), Loan against collateral, Loan by pledging Shares of the Company and all other forms of loans.

What shoplegal do?

Shoplegal Professionals will understand the business and the requirements of capital and provide advice for syndication of capital in the form of Loan, preparing necessary documents, Prepare projected future income, expenses and arriving at projected profits and submit the documents and projections with the banks or financial institutions and provide further information as and when required by the banker for processing the loan and also till sanction and issue of the loan facilities requested.