The economy of our country is moving towards developing phase, We at Shoplegal by keeping ourselves regularly updated on taxation laws and its related Acts, We could to able to identify important tax planning way thereby minimizing both the current and future tax liabilities of the Individual as well as Corporate. We provide corporate clients the better tax planning techniques with our expertise and knowledge that they can afford our services throughout the year.

Associations of all sizes are perpetually presented to new patterns in charge guideline around the world. As a main expense arrange, we accept that we as individual assessment experts and as part firms have an obligation to participate in and advance the conversation and discussion encompassing capable duty, expanded calls for straight forwardness and the eventual fate of tax assessment in an undeniably globalized, digitized world. As duty pioneers endeavor to develop their areas of expertise for the new complexities they face, we work with them to characterize and carter their optimal objective working model, empowering their specializations to adjust to administrative changes, improve consistence procedures and enhance the business.

The Indian financial related administrations area is working in a quick advancing and dynamic administrative and expense scene with a consistently developing interest for straightforwardness and productivity. This makes it critical for the business players or the new participants to comprehend the assessment and administrative structure which could affect their business objectives.

We provide the following tax and legal services

  • Taxation for Individuals
  • Tax advice, accounting and Filing for Firms, Private limited companies etc.
  • Preparation and filing of TDS returns
  • To appear for legal proceedings and reply to notices from income tax department related to tax on behalf of clients
  • Provide tax planning and estimated tax payable.
  • Direct tax consultancy services
  • Indirect tax consultancy services.