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At Shoplegal, we offer Udyam registration in India for Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSME/SSI). Introduced by the Indian government under the MSMED Act, 2006, this is aimed at entities involved in goods production, manufacturing, processing, preservation, or service provision. While MSME registration isn't obligatory, getting SSI registered can bring various benefits.

Benefits of registering with UDYAM.

  • Gain easy access to bank loans
  • Qualify for industrial promotion subsidies
  • Avail subsidies for machinery purchases
  • Safeguard against delayed payments
  • Benefit from a 1% interest rate exemption on Overdrafts
  • Enjoy concessions on electricity bills
  • Simplify approval, licensing, and registration processes
  • Get a 50% concession on Patent and Trademark registrations
MANUFACTURING & SERVICES Investment in plant and machinery or equipment not more than one crore rupees and turnover more than five crore rupees Investment in plant and machinery or equipment not more than ten crore rupees and turnover not more than fifty crore rupees. Investment in plant and machinery or equipment not more than Fifty crore rupees and turnover not more than two hundred and fifty crore rupees.

FAQ'S On Udyam Registration

  • What are the documents required for Udyam registration?

    For Sole Proprietorship, Aadhar of the proprietor is necessary for Udyam registration.

    For Partnerships,Aadhar of the Managing Partner is required for Udyam registration.

    For Private Limited Companies, One Person Companies, Public Limited Companies, Section 8 Companies, Societies, or Trusts – Aadhar of the Authorized Signatory, along with a copy of the GST certificate and PAN, is mandatory for Udyam registration.

  • Is it possible to register more than one SSI for single entity?
    Only one registration for SSI/MSME/Udyog/Udyam is permitted per enterprise. All business activities, whether manufacturing or services, must be included in this single registration. Providing incorrect information during Udyam registration, if discovered later, may lead to penalties.
  • How the Investment and Turnover under Udyam Registration is Calculated?

    The classification of an enterprise as micro, small, or medium will be determined based on both investment and turnover criteria.

    If an enterprise registered under Udyam Registration surpasses the limits set for its current category - whether in investment or turnover - it will move up to the next category. For instance, if a Micro enterprise exceeds a turnover of 5 crores but maintains an investment below one crore, it will move up to the Small enterprise category.

    Conversely, if an enterprise falls below the prescribed limits for its current category, it will remain in that category. For example, a Small entity with an investment of 6 crores and turnover of 15 crores in the previous year, with a current turnover of 4.5 crores and the same investment, will stay as a Small enterprise. However, if the investment falls below 1 crore, meeting both criteria, it will move down to the Micro enterprise category.

    All units linked to the same PAN number and holding unique Goods and Services Tax (GST) registration will be treated as a single entity. The collective turnover and investment of these units will be considered together to determine their category as micro, small, or medium enterprise.

  • How to calculate investment in plant and machinery under udyam registration?

    The calculation of an enterprise's investment in plant and machinery will be based on their previous years' Income Tax Returns.

    For newly established enterprises without prior income tax filings, the promoter can declare the investment. However, this self-declaration flexibility is only available until the 31st of March in the financial year when the new entity files its Income Tax return.

    The term 'plant and machinery' refers to assets outlined in the Income Tax Rules under the Income Tax Act, 1961, covering all assets except land, buildings, and furniture. The purchase value of these assets, whether new or second-hand, should be considered for investment calculation, excluding GST based on self-disclosure.

  • How to calculate Turnover of an Enterprises under Udyam registration?

    Exports, whether in goods or services, will not be counted in the turnover calculation for any enterprise, regardless of its size—micro, small, or medium.

    The turnover and export turnover details of an enterprise will be connected to the Income Tax, CGST Act, and GST.

    For enterprises without a PAN, turnover details will be accepted based on self-declaration until the 31st of March, 2021. After that, having a PAN and GSTIN becomes mandatory for consideration.

  • Is it mandatory for existing entities to register under UDYAM?

    Previously registered MSME/SSI under Udyog Aadhar before June 30th, 2020, will remain valid only until March 31st, 2021. To continue their registration, these enterprises must transition to the Udyam Registration Portal from July 1st, 2020.

    As per the new notification, all MSMEs registered under Udyog Aadhar, EM Part I or Part II before June 30th, 2020, must compulsorily re-register under Udyam Registration by March 31st, 2021.

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