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We shoplegal provides Coir board registration in India – Coir board is a statutory body established by government of India in the year 1953.Main activity of coir board is to promote the Coir Industry under the control of central government Coir board regulates the production of husks, coir yarn and coir products, Coir board also regulates manufacturers of coir products, provides license to exporters of coir yarn and coir products.

Activities of Coir Board

  • Conduct scientific, technological and economic research
  • Collecting data’s from manufacturers and dealers of coir products providing information’s related to it.
  • Fixing grade of coir products and facilitating inspection of coir fibres, coir yarn and coir products whenever necessary.
  • Developing the marketing of coconut husk, coir fibres, coir yarn and coir products in India.
  • Assisting the builders of factories for the producers of coir products with the aid of power
  • Ensuring proper returns to producers/manufacturers of husks, coir fibres and coir yarn and manufacturers of coir products;
  • Providing advice on all matters relating to the development of the coir industry.

FAQ on Coir Board

  • Is it mandatory to register under COIR board?
    Its mandatory for all the exporters of coir and coir products to register under coir board
  • What are the products covered under COIR board?
    Coconut, Coir, Coir fibre, Coir yarn, Coir mats, Coir Mattress, Coir Rugs, Coir pitchs and other related coir products.
  • What is the main activity of COIR board?
    The main activity of COIR board is to promote the COIR and its related products to reach the international market with quality and providing aid to COIR industries.
  • What are the documents required for registering with COIR board?

    Copy of the export order from the overseas buyer.

    Certificate of financial status from the bank

    Copy of PAN

    Copy of IEC certificate.

    Copy of SSI/MSME certificate – Mandatory in case of Manufacturer exporter.

    Partnership firm – Copy of partnership deed and deed registration certificate.

    Private limited – Copy of Certificate of incorporation |MOA|AOA.