ESI & PF registration in Coimbatore


Shoplegal in Coimbatore includes PF, ESI, PT, LWF, gratuity, and bonus that act as a bridge between Management and Services. Shoplegal provides ESI registration in Coimbatore with a solid team of experts. ESI is Employee State Insurance. This has the maintenance by ESIC (Employee State Insurance Corporation). It is an autonomous body. This scheme offers protection to employees, against death/disablement due to employee injury, maternity, or sickness. Employees must have a subscription to the scheme to get medical care and other benefits. This assistance is offered when the employee is unable to deliver his/her duties due to sickness, injury, or maternity.

Applicability of the ESI Scheme

The ESI scheme is applicable to all Shops & Establishments, Factories and other establishments as defined ihe act with 10 or more persons employed in such establishment.

Documents required for ESI Registration:

For ESI registration in Coimbatore following documents are needed.
1. Certificate of Incorporation
2. Partnership deed in case of Partnership firm
3. PAN, GST certificate of the company.
4. MOA, AOA of the company.
5. Address proof of the company.
6. Utility bills like electricity bills, telephone bills and gas connection bills.
7. Rental agreement if the office is on rent.
8. List of Employees, Directors and Shareholders.


EPFO is Employees Provident Fund Organization. It is a legal body. It is established by The Indian Government. EPFO registration in Coimbatore is necessary as EPFO is the county’s largest social security organization. Encouraging people to save for retirement among others is the principal goal of this organization.

Documents for EPFO registration

For EPFO registration in Coimbatore following documents are necessary.
1. If the establishment is MSME, MSME registration details are needed.
2. If the establishment is a factory, the factory license number, Date of the license, and place of issue of the factory are necessary.
3. If the establishment is a start-up, the start-up registration certificate is necessary.
4. PAN, Proof of name of the establishment, incorporation date, type of establishment.

Eligibility for EPFO

Any company with more than 20 employees can have EPFO registration in Coimbatore. All employees drawing salary are eligible for EPF. Even if the employees are less than 20, they can voluntarily register in EPFO.

PF registration

Employees Provident Fund is a scheme for Indian employees. It is governed by the Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Act 1952. All institutions that have employed 20 or more 20 employees can apply for PF registration in Coimbatore.
In rare cases, some establishments that have less than 20 employees are also eligible for PF registration in Coimbatore. The employer has to contribute 12% which includes (Basic salary + Dearness Allowance + Retaining Allowance). An equal amount of contribution must be made by the employee for PF that has PF registration in Coimbatore.
If the establishment has less than 20 employees, then the rate of contributions from both employer and employees must be 10% for PF registration in Coimbatore as per EPFO rules. When supporting documents are given, PF registration in Coimbatore can be done.
UAN is Universal Account Number. It is a 12-digit unique number issued to every employee who is contributing to EPF (Employee Provident Fund). Any company that has 20 or more employees can generate UAN. UAN registration in Coimbatore is done when the documents are submitted.
The UAN assist in centralizing employee data in the country. UAN is necessary to track various job switches of the employees. Only when UAN registration in Coimbatore is done, then this account made possible for EPFO to extract the bank and KYC information of the member. The burden of employee verification from companies and employers. Hence UAN registration in Coimbatore is necessary.