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A Non Profit Organization is registered in the form of Trust under Indian trust Act of 1882. Registration of trust usually takes 10 to 15 days for the Trust registration in India. Minimum 2 members required for Trust registration in India. One of the main objectives of forming a trust is that it is simple to register trust in India.

Main objects of Trust registration are charitable and social service activities, Shoplegal helps to set up trust in a cost effective and easy way. Our professional will prepare all the necessary documents and proceed with legal formalities in a easy and effective way.

Trust registration in India is for the social causes and can get exemption from payment of tax only after approval of income tax department as well as the contributors to such trusts can deduct the measure of gift to the trust from their available pay only after approval under 80G of Income Tax Act. The lawful structure in India perceives exercises including - helping for poor people, training, clinical alleviation, safeguarding landmarks and condition and the headway of some other object of overall population utility as altruistic purposes. Organizations shaped under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013 for advancing foundation likewise get benefits under law including exclusion from different procedural arrangements of the Companies Act, either completely or to a limited extent, and are additionally qualified for such different exceptions that the Central Government may accord through its requests.

A trust registration in India is an understanding between individuals called trustees to oversee property over which they have control either to profit others called recipients or beneficiaries or for charitable purposes.

A Trust is the commitment or obligation set on one in whom certainty or authority is place; it is a certainty rested in an individual by passing on to him the lawful title to property which he is to hold to support others. In this way, the "Trustee" duty remembers security of legitimate possession for the Trust property, the protection of the Trust property and channelizing the income from the Trust property as per the expectations of the maker of the Trust.

Public Trust registration in India:

A public trust is the Non Profit Organization or non Governmental entity.The main objectives of a public trust are:

  • To build and run school or colleges for providing education to the children’s.
  • To build and run nursing homes /multi specialty hospitals for the providing medical aid to the poor and needy.
  • To set up old age home to take care of the old aged, senior citizens and handicapped.
  • To improvise the health of child and women and to empower women’s.
  • To provide social support to the society
  • To provide training programs to the people of backward community and poors.

Documents required for Trust registration in India

  • Name of the Trust
  • Main objective of the Trust
  • Registered office proof – along with rental agreement, if taken on rent.
  • Copy of PAN and Aadhar of Trustees.
  • Corpus/ Amount to be funded by the Trustees for the Trust
  • Name of the Managing Trustee.

Private trust registration in India:

In private trust, the benefits of the Trust goes to the Individual, The objects of this type of trust are:

  • To provide Welfare and facilities to the members of a particular family.
  • To manage and protect a particular private property.

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