Why Choose Us?

At Shoplegal, understanding your business registration and compliance needs is convenient and straightforward. We provide robust solutions for all your business registration and legal requirements. Our primary concern is the lack of transparency in pricing for startup registrations and business compliance services, as unethical billing practices may lead to operating a business without proper registrations. Whether you already have a legal advisor or are seeking assistance for the first time, we strive to simplify the process.

At Shoplegal, we believe in justice for all and are dedicated to fair pricing and quality service. We assign a dedicated advisor to process, maintain, and oversee registrations and certifications, ensuring compliant and accurate filings.

As a company committed to revolutionizing pricing standards and creating opportunities for new entrepreneurs, we've made it easy to submit your basic information online in just two minutes, providing us with everything we need to help establish your new organization.

Shoplegal covers everything, from registrations to post-incorporation setup, accounting software, website design, free legal consultations, business promotion services, compliance services, intellectual property rights, taxation and legal matters, and comprehensive business support services.

Rest assured, we never have hidden charges – all government fees are included in our pricing.

Why choose us and Work with ‘Shoplegal’

Perfect Calculation and Right Consultation

Excellent guidance comes with strong discipline, and that's what defines Shoplegal. We're dedicated to working tirelessly so you can work smarter. Shoplegal is determined to break pricing barriers, opening doors for new entrepreneurs. We offer robust solutions for your business registration and legal needs.


Every small business owner aims for profitability with minimal setup costs. Shoplegal assists small business owners in establishing their business at a cost of Rs 250.


Experience holds more value than expertise alone. Shoplegal identifies your company's operational gaps and works towards fulfilling its objectives.


Maintaining business compliance fosters a positive company image, earning goodwill and trust, which ultimately leads to enhanced productivity within the company.