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Secure trademark registration in Trichy at Rs. 5750/- with us. A trademark or logo embodies the essence of a company's product or service. Crafting an eye-catching and attractive symbol or phrase is crucial, and our team registers these logos in Trichy under the Trademark Act. For brand name registration in Trichy, uniqueness is key. Your brand should stand out distinctly from competitors in the market. A trademark application in Trichy grants exclusive rights, effectively advertising and signalling consistent quality in your products or services. The trademark register details class, goods/services, application date, proprietor particulars, and more. It's important that trademarks are non-descriptive, non-generic, and devoid of surnames, ensuring their distinctiveness.

Our Shoplegal trademark attorneys in Trichy provide comprehensive guidance throughout the process. We assist in selecting names and features to ensure smooth registration without rejection. Once the trademark application in Trichy is filed, you can use the 'TM' symbol for trademark status. Upon completing online trademark registration in Trichy, you receive the encircled 'R' symbol (®), signifying registered trademark status. Trust us to navigate the trademark registration journey seamlessly, securing your brand's identity effectively.

Legal Requirement of a Trademark:

Conditions for a Trademark:

  • Must have a graphical representation.
  • Should distinguish goods or services from others.
  • Usage in connection with goods or services.
  • Shouldn't describe the product or service directly.

Refusal of Trademark Application:

Trademarks might be rejected due to Absolute or Relative grounds for refusal.

Absolute Grounds For Refusal

  • Can't distinguish one person's goods/services from another's.
  • Indicates the type, quality, purpose, origin, or characteristics of the goods/services.
  • Commonly used in the industry or languages.
  • Causes public deception or confusion.
  • Might offend religious sentiments.
  • Prohibited under the Emblems and Names Act, 1950.

Relative Grounds For Refusal Of Registration

  • A trademark that matches or resembles an earlier trademark (applied or registered).
  • By virtue of law of copyright.

Legal Protection

A trademark legally safeguards brand names and logos used for goods and services.

Intellectual Property

Trademarks are a form of Intellectual Property used to differentiate and identify the origin of goods from one another.

Unique Brand

An exclusive brand establishes an identity for a product, setting it apart from its rivals.

Boost Sales

The brand name establishes credibility, quality, and satisfaction in the minds of consumers.

Trust and Goodwill

Trademarks linked to superior products often build stronger goodwill and foster trust.

Global Recognition

Registering a trademark exposes the owner to the global market.

Trademark Symbols :

Once the trademark application is filed, the applicant can start using the TM symbol.

After the trademark gets registered, the applicant can begin using the R Symbol.

Trademark Registration Process after filing the application:

  • The Registrar considers the application and evidence of use or distinctiveness to decide on its acceptance for registration. If accepted, it's published in the Trade Marks Journal, an official paper of the Trade Marks Registry, available weekly on the official website.
  • Any individual can contest within four months from the publication date. The opposition process takes place at the Trade Marks office.
  • The trademark application is reviewed by the trademark examiner. They assess if the mark distinguishes the applicant's goods or services and if it could cause confusion with any earlier identical or similar marks on record.
  • Trademark registration applications are submitted to the Trade Marks Registry.
  • If no opposition is received within four months from the publication date, the application gets approved for registration.

FAQ on Trademark Registration

  • What is a trademark or service mark?
    A trademark is typically a word, phrase, symbol, or design, or a mix of these, that sets apart and differentiates goods from others. Similarly, a service mark does the same for services, setting them apart from others.
  • What is a trademark class?
    The Trademark Registry divides trademarks into 45 classes. Each brand name must be registered under the suitable class that represents its product or service.
  • What is trademark search?
    Performing a thorough search of your trademark in the database is crucial before applying. This step is vital as it helps uncover potential issues. Shoplegal's attorneys can assist in conducting these name searches.
  • Is Trademark, Copyright and Patent same?
    No. Trademarks – Protect the brand name and logo. Copyright - Protects an artistic or literary work, Patent – Protect the inventions.
  • Why Shoplegal in Trademark?
    You'll need a certified Trademark Attorney to handle trademark affairs at the registry. Our licensed Shoplegal attorneys, specialized in trademarks, offer valuable guidance and support throughout the trademark application process.
  • How do I file my trademark application?
    You can submit your trademark application and associated documents online through the provided Shoplegal trademark application link.
  • What should I do after filing the trademark application?
    The examiner will assess your application around a month after you file it. Make sure to check your application status regularly, at least once a month. Shoplegal's attorneys will send important emails or notifications regarding your application that require your attention.
  • When can I use Trademark symbols?
    If your trademark is registered, add an R after the mark. If it's not yet registered, use TM for goods and SM for services. This shows that you've applied for trademark or service mark protection in IP India.
  • Why is my application being rejected?
    If your trademark resembles an existing application or uses common words, it might get rejected.
  • How to select a trademark?
    Avoid choosing geographic, common personal names, or surnames as trademarks. It's recommended to opt for invented or coined words as they offer better uniqueness and protection.

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