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Get Design Registration in Karur at Rs. 9000/-. In India, the Designs Act governs the registration of industrial designs, focusing on the visual aspects of products. These encompass the external appearance of an article, significantly impacting how consumers perceive it. Registering industrial designs in Karur safeguards marketing-related Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) and prevents design patent infringements in India.

At Shoplegal, our online design registration in Karur ensures statutory rights for innovative product designs. Once registered in India, design owners gain the authority to restrict the production, import, sale, or distribution of infringing products.

For determining infringement of design patents, the law focuses on identical appearances or clear imitations of protected articles under registered designs. Designs primarily of a literary or artistic nature may not qualify for protection under the Indian Designs Act.

Requirement for Design Registration:

  • Basic Elements:

    When applying for design registration, the applicant needs to provide their name, the design title, and a concise description of the article where the design will be used. The design title must clearly identify the article using its commonly recognized name, avoiding marketing descriptions or terms.

  • Photographs:

    Each design application should contain a clear black and white photograph of the design. The photograph needs to show the design from various angles to fully reveal its appearance.

  • The perspectives:

    The images should display different angles of the design, such as front, back, right and left sides, top, and bottom. It's recommended to provide perspective views when applying for design registration.

Exclusive Rights

The applicant holds exclusive rights over the designed invention and can also assign or grant licenses for it.

Legal Protection

Design rights offer legal protection for designs. The registration certificate and its details serve as strong evidence.

Intellectual Property

Industrial design is a form of Intellectual Property used to define and set apart the characteristics of an article. The Design Act grants exclusive rights to the applicant.

Profit Margins

Design ownership allows its holder to prevent others from producing or selling products as outlined in the design application. This action can generate increased market demand for the product.

Trust and Goodwill

Registered designs instil trust and confidence in customers by establishing credibility and ensuring product quality.

FAQ on Design Registration

  • What is meant by ‘Design’?
    An industrial design refers to the specific shape, pattern, decoration, or arrangement of lines or colours applied to any product, whether in two or three dimensions, using an industrial process.
  • What is the importance of Design Registration?
    Design registration is crucial to safeguard newly created or unique designs intended for specific products manufactured through an industrial process.
  • When does the Applicant get the registration certificate?
    You'll receive a design application number within two days, allowing you to begin using it on the article. Once a design registration application is complete and in order, it gets accepted and registered. This process typically takes around eight months.
  • What is the duration of the registration?
    The registrar issues a registration certificate upon approval, valid for 10 years from the application date. This registration's validity can be extended for an additional five years.
  • Why Shoplegal in Designs?
    You'll need a licensed patent attorney to represent you in design affairs at the Controller of Design office. Shoplegal's certified attorneys, specialized in design, offer crucial advice and assistance throughout the application procedure.
  • What is Design Piracy?
    It refers to using a registered design on a product for sale without permission from the registered owner.
  • What is the penalty for the piracy?
    If someone violates the design, they may have to pay a penalty of up to Rs. 25,000 to the owner, with a maximum limit of Rs. 50,000.
  • Why early application is recommended?
    The "First-to-file" rule applies. If multiple applications for the same design are submitted on different dates, only the first application will be considered for registration. Therefore, it's advisable to apply early.
  • Is it possible to transfer the ownership?
    Sure, the right can be transferred through assignment or a legal agreement between parties as per the law.
  • What are the essential requirements for the registration?
    The design needs to be fresh and unique, concerning shape, configuration, pattern, or ornamentation. It should apply to any item through an industrial process.

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