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Get your FSSAI license in Trivandrum at an incredibly low cost. Administered by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) under the FSS Act 2006, this registration aims to monitor food production, distribution, and sales to ensure food safety. Shop Legal facilitates online FSSAI registration in Trivandrum, prioritizing public health and safety by guiding businesses through food safety regulations.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, FSSAI has emphasized hygiene awareness in India. During FSSAI registration online with Shop Legal, comprehensive guidance is provided regarding suitable licenses for different businesses. There are three types of registrations available: Basic, State, and Central FSSAI licenses.

The Basic Registration suits small-scale businesses or start-ups with an annual turnover below Rs. 12 Lakhs. As businesses grow, they can upgrade their registration to State License (for turnovers between Rs. 12 Lakhs to Rs. 20 Crores) or even further to Central License (for turnovers above Rs. 20 Crores) based on their sales trajectory.

Type of FSSAI Registration | License

There are three types of the Food Safety registration or FSSAI License category

FSSAI Registration -Small businesses with an annual turnover below 12 lakhs can opt for FSSAI Basic Registration. Therefore, start-ups expecting a turnover of less than 12 lakhs per year are eligible for this FSSAI registration.

FSSAI State License - If a food business, operating under FSSAI registration, surpasses a turnover of 12 lakhs in a year but doesn't exceed 20 Crores, it becomes mandatory to upgrade to the State License of FSSAI.

FSSAI Central License – Business entities that must compulsorily register under a central license.

  • Importers and exporters dealing with food products for commercial purposes are mandated to register under the FSSAI central license. Additionally, this requirement applies to various entities based on their turnovers or specific activities:
  • Retailers, distributors, suppliers, caterers, restaurants, and marketers with an annual turnover exceeding 20 crores.
  • Wholesalers with an annual turnover surpassing 30 crores.
  • Five-star hotels.
  • Food catering services with units in establishments and units of Central Government agencies.
  • Storage, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors with premises in Central Government agencies.
  • Storage, wholesalers, retailers, and distributors operating within premises of central government agencies must register under FSSAI guidelines. Additionally, specific units must adhere to these regulations:
  • Dairy units processing over 50,000 litres of milk daily or 2500 tonnes annually.
  • Vegetable oil processing units producing more than 2 tonnes per day.
  • Slaughtering units processing over 50 large animals, more than 150 small animals, or more than 1000 poultry birds daily.
  • Meat processing units handling more than 500 kg of meat daily or 150 tonnes yearly.

Documents required for FSSAI state license in case of Traders.

  • Food business operator's Aadhar card copy.
  • Photo, email ID, and contact number of the FBO.
  • List of products seeking FSSAI registration.
  • Premises address.
  • Ward number for premises in a Municipal Corporation area.
  • Electricity bill for premises, obligatory if rented; rental agreement is required.

Documents required for FSSAI basic registration

  • Photo of the Food Business Operator.
  • An official identity proof such as Aadhar card, PAN card, voter ID, driving license, passport, senior citizen card, or any government-issued ID.
  • Premises address for registration.
  • Ward number for premises located within a Municipal Corporation area.

Documents required for Manufacturer, Repacker, Relabler (apart from state license )

  • Aadhar card copy of the food business operator
  • Photo of the FBO.
  • Contact details: Email and phone number.
  • Photo showing the factory exterior.
  • Product analysis report.
  • Layout plan of the manufacturing premises.
  • Photos of machinery used (inner view).
  • List of machinery with their power and voltage details.
  • List of products for FSSAI registration.
  • Address of the premises.
  • Ward number for Municipal Corporation areas.
  • Electricity bill for the premises, along with the rental agreement if rented.

FAQ on FSSAI Registration

  • Which Food Businesses are required to get registration under FSSAI?
    FSSAI registrations are provided to small businesses with an annual turnover below 12 lakhs. The registration certificate must be maintained at the Food Business Operator's premises.
  • Which Food businesses are required to get state license under FSSAI?
    For businesses already registered under FSSAI, if their turnover grows beyond 12 lakhs but doesn't exceed 20 Crores, they must convert to the State License of FSSAI. New businesses projecting a turnover surpassing 12 lakhs also need to opt for the license.
  • Which Food businesses are required to get Central License under FSSAI?

    Importers and exporters dealing with commercial food products must register under the FSSAI central license.

    Retailers, distributors, suppliers, caterers, restaurants, and marketers with an annual turnover exceeding 20 crores require registration. Similarly, wholesalers with turnovers exceeding 30 crores also fall under this requirement.

  • What is the validity of a license and when it should be renewed?
    The license remains valid from the date of issue until its cancellation by the department. Renewal applications should be submitted before the license expiry. Renewals can extend the license for a maximum of 5 years.
  • Can a Food business operator carry out different activity in same premises?
    Yes! Under the premises-based FSSAI license, a food business can conduct multiple activities at one location.
  • Obtaining single FSSAI license is enough to do Food business at different location?
    Sure, for FSSAI registration or license, each premise of the food business operator in a city needs individual registration or licensing.
  • Is it mandatory for pharmacies to obtain FSSAI if they sell Health supplements?
    All food business operators, including pharmacies or medical stores, must acquire FSSAI registration or license if they sell health supplements or Nutraceuticals products.
  • What happens if a FSSAI registration/license is not renewed before expiry?
    The FSSAI license must be renewed before its expiration date. If not renewed, the license/registration will expire, and a new registration must be applied for.

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